Web Hosting

Give your idea an online presence!

We provide self-managed cPanel hosting at competitive rates as low as $3.75 per month. Check out our plans below!


Our servers are up 99.9% of the time. If there is downtime of more than 24 hours on your site caused by a problem on our end, we will compensate you for the downtime.


Your website will be equipped with cPanel, providing you with a whole suite of tools. From Wordpress to Shopify and more, we don't charge extra for these neat features! Install with the click of a button. You may download your own backups at any time! We provide PHP 7 hosting, but we do have an option for PHP 5.4 if you need legacy support. Please shoot us a message if you would like PHP 5.4 instead of PHP 7.


We do not provide management of your website in the hosting price. cPanel is very user-friendly and offers most everything you may need. If you require help setting up your server or otherwise managing it, we charge $50 per hour. We do provide a guide on how to setup your website, point your nameservers, and otherwise get started.

Tiny Package

$5 per month
$45 per year

2 GB disk space
10 GB bandwidth

Domain Name
Email Address

Small Package

$7 per month
$65 per year

5 GB disk space
100 GB bandwidth

Domain Name
Email Address

Medium Package

$10 per month
$90 per year

10 GB disk space
200 GB bandwidth

Domain Name
Email Address

The Process

Once you have submitted your payment, we will get to work on setting up your hosting! This can take up to 48 hours, although it is typically done within 12 hours. We will use the domain name you provide for your account (you need to own this domain). When we have finished the setup of your server, we will email you at the address you provided. We'll include a list of instructions for how to log into your server, point your domain name at our nameservers, and so on. It's that simple!

Fine Print

Our hosting is shared hosting. This means others use the server you are on, too! To ensure the server remains speedy for everyone, we do require a fair use and common sense policy. Any scripts that cause the server to bog down will be suspended. You will have the opportunity to fix them. Using our servers to send out mass emails is not allowed. If your site outgrows our hosting, we will ask you to find a new host.

Failure to pay your subscription will result in temporary suspension of your hosting. Your website will remain suspended until the following billing cycle. If you do not pay after one full billing cycle, your account and all data associated with it will be deleted.

It is up to you to keep backups of your account. We do not provide backups and we will not be held responsible if anything happens to the server and your account is lost. Always, always, always backup your account!