About Us

Based in the US, environmentally conscious.

Paradigm Programming was founded in December of 2006 in the beautiful state of Minnesota. We do not outsource our work; each of our employees live and work right here in the United States.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide reasonably priced, quality programming services and to remain transparent about the entire process. Clients have access to their product as it is being developed. We provide secure code without backdoors and programmed to protect against SQL injection, XSS hacking, and more. We offer a 60-day guarantee on all of our code: if you find a bug, we'll fix it for free!

We Are Environmentally Conscious

In this day and age of environmentally concerned consumers, we ensure we do our part to reduce our carbon footprint. We recycle office supplies such as paper and ink cartridges. Many of the supplies we purchase are recycled as well!

We encourage our employees to contribute to the environment by participating in events like planting trees on Arbor Day, cleaning up highways, and being aware of how they can change their everyday activities to be a better resident on this beautiful planet.

Our History

Paradigm Programming's roots are in online pet games. Horse Phenomena, Equus Nation, and Kitten Tracks are among our top games that we have developed. The games bring together animal lovers and combine social interaction, strategy, and competition. What a great way to unwind from a long school day!

After several years of working exclusively with pet games, we moved into eCommerce as well. This provided us with a new challenge and learning an entirely new market! We have built several stores from the ground up, including a fun make-me-an-offer site where sellers were allowed to post items for sale and buyers were encouraged to haggle on prices. It's been a great experience for us, and eCommerce is now our top request.

Throughout the years, we've also had our fair share of unique programming requests. We're always open to programming new projects, even if they don't fall within our usual requests for games and eCommerce. We've created blogs, quizzes, social networks, calendars, and educational software. We love to see a client's ideas come together!